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IMPORTANT! Check These 5 Things Before Purchasing a Memory Card

Some of the latest smartphone has been equipped with support for internal memory is quite large with support for MicroSD slot. Because it is still lacking with the internal memory it carries, or because it likes ngoprek, it is not impossible you still buy MicroSD.

But be careful when buying a memory card or MicroSD. In addition to the number of fake MicroSD, if you buy MicroSD wrong you will lose money. Let me lose, you have to know how to choose the right MicroSD.

Danger If One Selects MicroSD

How much internal memory capacity does a smartphone need? If calculating the need to store photos, videos, music and apps and games, then the internal memory capacity of 32GB is quite ideal.
If it's still lacking, just add external memory to hold all the photos or video files, as well as the music. While internal memory is used to store games and apps. But note the following things when buying a memory card!

1. Notice the Type of MicroSD
At a glance you might assume all MicroSD's are the same. In fact, there is a subtle difference in the MicroSD, the type of SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity). The difference between these two refers to the maximum capacity supported.

SDHC is a type of MicroSD with a capacity of 2GB to 32GB, while SDXC already supports 32GB to 2TB. If you find a 64GB MicroSD with an SDHC sign, you can be sure it's a fake external memory!

2. Note the external memory support of the smartphone
One photo with a maximum resolution of 16MP can produce the size of the image file approximately 7MB. In order to freely store photos, buy memory with a capacity of 64GB or even 128GB. But, does your smartphone support external memory with that much capacity?

For that, make sure first how much support external memory that can be read by your smartphone. Because if it does not fit, then the impact of MicroSD that you buy can not be used. Loss, right?

3. MicroSD speed
The faster the speed of MicroSD you use, the faster you can manage all the files in the MicroSD. If you are an active smartphone user using multimedia content on your smartphone, we recommend selecting MicroSD class 10 at least.

Oh yes, MicroSD speed is also determined whether the type of speed is UHS or still a class. UHS is an extension of Ultra High Speed, which is faster than just a class.

Tips: To distinguish it, on the surface of the memory card you will find the letter U with the number 1 or 2 for the UHS, while for the type class will appear the letter C with the class number.

4. Notice Features
Some MicroSD equipped with innate features that are not owned by other types of MicroSD. Like SanDisk that provides SanDisk Memory Zone application support with Easy File Management, BackUp Protection, and Fast Access features. Always pay attention to the features offered by MicroSD that you buy yes!

5. Warranty
Sometimes sh * t happens, so always take the time to estimate the warranty of the goods you buy. Not just when buying a smartphone, memory cards also need warranty loh. Some reputable brands offer 1-3 year warranty support for warranty if there is damage (not human error).

That's the things you should pay attention to when buying a MicroSD. Hopefully you can be more careful not to lose because of buying a fake MicroSD or even can not be used.



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