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In addition to WannaCry, It's The 5 Most Dangerous Malware In The World

Last week we were horrified by a new computer virus named WannaCry. Enter into the type of ransomware, but spread so fast like the type of worm.

But other than WannaCry, there are many other viruses that are scattered on the internet. In order for you to be alert, A-Tech will let you know the 5 most malware in the world. Without lingering again, you just look at the following article!

It's The 5 Most Dangerous Malware In The World

The most important thing is actually to update antivirus and Windows. By doing these two things, you are guaranteed 95% will be safe from virus attacks. But as knowledge, this is dangerous malware besides WannaCry. That is...

1. Sality
Are damaging Windows system and our personal data. One A-Tech experience of this virus, quite difficult to remove because the virus mingle with Windows system while attacking our personal data. In addition, this virus also makes our computer performance to be slow.

2. Kelihos
It is a botnet and sometimes known as Hlux. The target of this virus is to spam and steal BitCoin. The most dangerous, is the theft of BitCoin. BitCoin price is very expensive and has skyrocketed to USD 1875 more. Imagine you lost that precious BitCoin.

3. Necurs
Necurs or it could be called Locky, similar like WannaCry or other CryptoLocker. It will encrypt or hide your data, then request a ransom of BitCoin. Very famous in the year 2016 ago. And reportedly has attacked more than 500 thousand computers.

4. ZeroAccess
Is a kind of trojan. This virus hides itself in your computer with rootkit technique, then it will download other viruses. This causes your computer can be infected with many viruses, various kinds. Surely the computer performance becomes slow and make the operating system is damaged.

5. Mirai
It is a type of botnet that attacks the Internet of Things (IoT). This virus transforms the IoT device into a botnet troop, after many botnet troops it will launch a DDoS attack. Even this virus is the biggest DDoS attacker in the world.

It turned out that in addition to WannaCry a scene last week, there are many other malicious malware. Then antivirus and Windows updates you must do.



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