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Install Anti Puncture Alarm App on Android, If Not Want to Pickup!

Need to watch out, the action of smartphone theft is still rife happening.
It could be our kit is a careless or indeed 'apes'. What is obviously very painful to lose a favorite smartphone. At least it becomes a valuable lesson to be more cautious again.

Well Jaka have a surefire way to protect smartphones from theft, especially pickpockets. Immediately applicable, ie by installing an anti-burglar alarm app on your Android smartphone. Check it out.

How to Set Up Anti Pacing Alarm on Your Android Smartphone

Download Pocket Sense Application
To set the anti-burglar alarm on your Android smartphone, we'll rely on an application called Pocket Sense made by Mirage Stacks developer. Pocket Sense is a security application capable of detecting when your smartphone is out of the bag.

Once removed from the pocket, the smartphone will blare loudly, while vibrating non-stop. The only way to turn off the alarm and vibration is by unlocking the smartphone screen itself.

How to Use Pocket Sense
First download and install the Pocket Sense app via Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. There are 3 main features, namely:

Pocket Sense Mode
This is the mode that Me explained above. With this mode, every time your pocketed smartphone is taken from the pocket, the smartphone will make a sound.

Yes, every time the smartphone is removed from the pocket. Suitable for you to use in public places, eg streets in the mall, on the way using public transportation such as Trans Jakarta or train.

Charge Sense Mode
More fun nih hanging out in the cafe, it turns out the smartphone battery is running low. Meanwhile, the position of the power outlet far enough from the seat.

Relax, you can use "Charge Sense Mode" from Pocket Sense app. With this, you can 'ngecas HP' more calmly, where the smartphone will sound when there are people who decide to charge from your smartphone.

Motion Sense Mode
If this method is enabled, the alarm will sound when the smartphone is moved. Will be caught deh, if there are ignorant hands that attempt to peek your smartphone.

How can it be applied in everyday life? Relax, there is a "Delay Time" setting to delay the activation of the alarm with a few seconds, ie 5, 10, and 15 seconds.

Its sensitivity also you can set, low, medium, or high. So you can protect your Android smartphone all the time. But, still not disturbing the others.

One more, for Pocket Sense applications and your smartphone sensor to work optimally. So do not use flip case on smartphone, type of case can reduce sensitivity. Immediately, you try it yourself yes. But, do not forget to share your opinion.