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Internet Connection Often Ended Up Suddenly? It's How To Overcome It

The Internet is clearly able to provide access to information quickly and seamlessly to its users. In addition to internet speed factor, another factor that is also highly coveted by internet users is a factor of internet connection stability. Of course, anyone does not want the internet connection that he used often suddenly dropped out, whether it's while browsing or downloading.

Well, leaving from the problem, this time Jaka will discuss ways to overcome the problem of internet connection that often drop out suddenly and make you upset. So please see more.

Internet Connection Often Ended Up Suddenly? It's How To Overcome It

1. Check the Data Limit Plan
The first way you can do if you often experience internet connection problems that drop out suddenly is to check and turn off the data plan limit contained in Settings> Data Usage. This data plan limit works by calculating the amount of your cellular data usage and when it has reached its limit, then this data plan limit will turn off your internet connection.

2. Restart Mobile Network Access
Another way you can do if you experience a problem with the internet connection is suddenly broken by restarting your cellular network. You can do this by turning off the mobile data icon for about 1 minute and then turn it on again.

By doing this, you will force your device to do some sort of 'refresh' connection, where your device will re-request to the server of the internet service provider you are using.

3. Reset APN
In addition to restarting the mobile network access, you can also solve the Internet problem that suddenly broke up by resetting APN. To reset the APN you just need to go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Access Point Name, then tap on the top right of the screen to do the APN reset.

The reason for the need to reset the APN is because sometimes we as users often make changes to APN when our internet connection is problematic causing the APN setting error. That's what makes us fail to connect with the server provider. In fact, what you really need to do is use APN settings that are set up automatically by your internet network provider.

4. Restart the Device
If all three of the above do not work, you can try to restart your device. By restarting your device, your smartphone device will automatically launch a sort of 'restart' on your network access (more like a restart of a cellular network).

If this does not work, you can try to activate Airplane Mode then turn it off again. By doing so, your device will disconnect to the provider's server and will reconnect to the server.

5. Factory Reset
The last and most extreme way you can use to solve the problem of internet connection is often broken is to do Factory Reset. Sometimes, when your smartphone device is too often used to access the internet, it is possible that your smartphone has been infected with some kind of malware that can damage or disrupt your smartphone device system, including network access.

Another factor is a bug or error setting that can hinder your internet connection so that required Factory Reset to remove all the problems and restore the state of the smartphone device as before. Even if in the end your internet connection is still often dropped out suddenly, there is a possibility that it is caused by external factors such as signal problems in your area or providers who have problems.

That's the 5 ways to overcome the internet connection that often break suddenly. Hopefully useful and good luck. If anyone wants to add another way, please leave a trail in the comment field and make sure you share it to your friends yes.



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