Author Just Play Can Can Gold and Gadget! 5 Android Games It Must Make You Rich Rating: 4.9 /5
Just Play Can Can Gold and Gadget! 5 Android Games It Must Make You Rich 4.9 2358 1379

Just Play Can Can Gold and Gadget! 5 Android Games It Must Make You Rich

Current technological developments make mobile-based games very much in demand by the general public. Not only adults, but children also come to make mobile games as a target to find entertainment or as a medium of education.

Not only provide entertainment, it turns out some games can also be a money machine for players. Some give gadgets up to gold bullion! How to get the prize? Here's the full list:

5 Android Games It Must Make You Rich

1. Hatch Market
Have you ever heard of this unique game? This game is unique because it is still the only game that gives the gift of real gold to the players. Wow! And the problem is not just gold alone, Hatch Market also provides free pulse and merchandise in the form of dolls and key chains loh. So how to get the prize? How to collect as many coins as possible. If your coins have been collected you can exchange them with the appropriate gift.

Hatch Market also teaches perseverance and patience in collecting coins. There are two ways to earn coins, first by getting your monster to work on rock and gold or cutting down trees. You can quote the coins after they finish working. And secondly, you can sell your monsters' eggs to other players and you'll get 50 coins right away. While your monster works, you can also wait while playing mini games. There are currently two mini games that you can play. Mini game gifts are also not less interesting.

2. Cuma Ceban
One of the Android games are quite often the talk of the game Cuma Ceban. This game provides many different prizes every day and you can get only with 10 thousand rupiah only. Is it true that with just 10 thousand rupiah can win a gift like iphone 7? The answer is yes, but ... you have to collect first as many tickets as possible that you will exchange with the appropriate prize. The prize is enough you pay for 10 thousand rupiah only. Interesting right?

So the problem is how to collect the tickets? How to play mini game. There are currently 6 mini games that you can play. You will get a ticket if you win the mini game. So it takes extra struggle and patience so you can get the reward. You can also collect tickets and money by downloading apps that are on a daily mission. So if you do not believe please download and win the prize.

3. Warung Chain:Go Food Express
Game Warung Chain is the latest game from Touchten that presents the typical Indonesian cuisine. This time management game invites you to serve food as fast as possible so that customers do not run away. This simple but fun game is also one of the artificial Touchten game that features KadoSaku.

KadoSaku is a feature where you can get rewards by redeeming the Kadopoin you collect while playing the game. The chopsticks can be exchanged for attractive prizes such as meal vouchers, credit, even gadgets! Games that can make you laper and baper can you directly download here.

4. Teka-Teki Saku
For you lovers of brain teasers, Puzzle Pocket is one option that is worth a try. Touchten game composition is the first game that features KadoSaku. Just like Warung Chain, you must collect as many Coins as possible to be exchanged for the KadoSaku you want.

How to play the same as regular crossword puzzles, fill the answers on the down and horizontal row. However, some modifications make this game more interesting. For example, you will not be given a question in the form of one whole sentence, but only a clue. These instructions can be purchased by paying a certain amount of coins. If you are knowledgeable, you can collect many points and exchange them with various rewards from Touchten.

5. Market Glory
Market Glory is an economic, political, social and military simulation game where every virtual currency can be redeemed with real money. Market Glory is available in Android version but only for login and after that you will be redirected to the version of the website. How to play may be a little confusing for beginners to see the interface and the game is quite complex. You need strategy, perseverance and a long time to be able to benefit from this game.

Just like real life, if you want to earn a lot of money you have to work hard. So also with Market Glory. You need to login everyday and do not skip work to increase your experience and productivity. Fight at least 5 times a day to earn extra money. If you are well established, you can immediately build a company. If you already understand and good at playing this game, then the Euro will flow to your pocket.