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No Need To Open Deep Web! 5 YouTube Channels It Got More Horrific Videos 4.9 2358 1379

No Need To Open Deep Web! 5 YouTube Channels It Got More Horrific Videos

Speaking of Deepweb, it is a place where we can find many strange and terrible things, including his video collection. Yes, the video there generally has almost the same characteristics, which is disturbing video or video that is not 'nice' to watch.

So, even so there are some people who access the video as a vocation-appeal and test of courage. But, actually do not need to access Deepweb really. On YouTube video sharing sites, you can also find similar videos, even much more sinister. Here are 5 YouTube channels that store videos much more scary than in DeepWeb.

No Need to Deep Web! 5 Channel YouTube It Got a Far Frightening Video

1. Benjamin Bennett
Sitting and smiling, may seem friendly. But if it's done very long and repeats every day, it will look weird and annoying.

Just like YouTuber on this one, Benjamin Bennett. Whatever he meant by his video, he uploaded a video of himself sitting cross-legged, staring at the camera, and smiling for 4 hours.

In fact he does that every day, there are already recorded 263 videos with the title Sitting and Smiling. Maybe if you watch it, in the early minutes will look reasonable. However, not long afterwards his smiling face will constantly start to scare you.

2. Dark5
This one is a channel that often makes a listical video that amounts to 5 points each time the upload. As the name implies, Dark5, this channel always shares dreadful videos, conspiracies, or ghostly appearances.

Often they share the scary found footage. In fact most of them, you can not find in addition to this channel. If you are a brave confessor and a mystery lover, you must visit this one channel.

3. Cyriak
Cyriak is actually the channel of a professional animator who often shares his work on YouTube. However, instead of making animations, Cyriak even make the audience shudder and frightened after watching the video made.

Yes, the animation that is often generated from channel one is actually very annoying and terrible. Not infrequently appear absurd images of head, animals, to food, it turns into horrible in the video.

4. Nana825763
Most of the resulting channels are always on the same track, which is spooky, scary, and horrible. Yes, most of the videos here also remind the audience of a popular hell concept in the community.

Active since 2006, nothing can be described in detail about any video other than horror. Not infrequently in the video appear a strange doll and sound from a heart monitor device. If you have excessive fear, it is not advisable to open this one channel.

5. Jack Torrance
Joining YouTube since December 2011, Jack Torrance claimed to have found ten large boxes containing various items in a Texas Austin sale. Inside the box were some 33 mm film rolls and old Betamax which he began to mend, digitize, and share his videos on his channel.

In all the videos he uploaded contains a lot of terrible pictures, such as lifeless bodies, strange dolls, and a number of deer antlers. Some film experts who saw the video doubt some of the video came from the 33 mm film. But no one can prove the truth.

It's a 5 channel YouTube that has a much more sinister video than DeepWeb. If you are a coward, do not try to watch it yes.



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