Author Perhaps 5 Game It's Much More Than Korea Drama, Dare to Playin Without Nangis? Rating: 4.9 /5
Perhaps 5 Game It's Much More Than Korea Drama, Dare to Playin Without Nangis? 4.9 2358 1379

Perhaps 5 Game It's Much More Than Korea Drama, Dare to Playin Without Nangis?

Usually in playing games, we aim to find entertainment in a relaxed or leisure time. However, what if we become even baper and carried away emotions while playing the game?

Yes, it turns out there are some games that have a complex storyline and full of emotion, can even make you cry while playing it. Here are 5 Most Sacred Games That Will Make You Nangis When Playing.

1. Gone Home (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
At the beginning of the game, you might think that this is a horror game, where you will act as a woman who has not been home for a long time after studying abroad. However, upon returning home you will find only an empty house and a note.

Yes, the record is a relic of the younger brother, who wrote many unpleasant experiences, ranging from love conflicts to conflicts of your parents.

You will make the note a clue as to what exactly happened. With the atmosphere of a quiet house accompanied by the sound of rain and lightning, wading through the traumatic record of his own sibling, is certainly a very heartbreaking thing.

2. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, iOS)
Still talking about sibling relationships, the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will bring you into the adventure of the brothers who roam the world to find a cure for the ailing father.

The game will start at the grave of their dead mother by drowning, where the moment of their death they witnessed directly, but can not help because it can not swim. On the way you will face many obstacles and criminals that deepen the emotion of the story, even the control mechanisms that are made also bring more players in sibling relationship, where the right control for the brother and left for his brother, so you should always sync between the hands Right and left.

3. The Last of Us (PS3, PS4)
It's like you watch an emotional film made by Hollywood, but you can play with a joystick, that's the impression gained from one game that won many awards. The Last of Us, tells the story of a world that is dying of a plague that makes people into zombies. Sound classic? Wait until you actually play it.

You will play a middle-aged man who is in charge of delivering a girl. Initially they do not show intimacy and seem to hate each other, but the further you play, you will see an increase in their closeness, ranging from avoiding the zombies and saving each other.

Their relationship is increasing as parents and children. The effects and graphics are so good and even more detail makes this melancholy story so felt and heart-wrenching.

4. The End of The World (Android, iOS)
Remembering ex-lovers is certainly a thing that is often avoided, because we must agree that it makes us sad and also painful. But, this is precisely what is brought by the game The End of The World. You will play a man who lives in a ruined world where it has taken the life of his beloved lover.

Here you are moving the man who looks depressed, to collect each piece of memories with the former while he is still alive. You will explore the places that once had from the lovers, the more you discover the memories the more you will understand and deepen the sadness of the man's heart.

5. Lyla and The Shadows of War (Android, iOS)
The Israeli and Palestinian conflict is the most heartbreaking conflict, as many innocent people are victimized, especially children. It is this tragic story that is trying to be lifted up in the Lyla and The Shadows of War game, where you will play a role in saving a family in Gaza City, Palestine, to go to the safer border of Egypt.

The family consists of a father, mother, and daughter Lyla. Unfortunately when on the way the mother must be a victim of the Israeli army's bombing.

Even in this game include a true story of tragedy 5 Palestinian children who were playing ball on the beach. Although countless very short, this game is able to make anyone touched while playing it, no doubt it is also rewarded by twelve awards that have been obtained by this game.

Yes, that's 5 Much More Game than Korean Drama. Although the game is always synonymous with the story full of action, it turns out sad story can be a special attraction in a game.



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