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Really Battery 4GB RAM Smartphone More Waste Than 3GB RAM?

Currently, a variety of Android smartphones or mobile phones with many other OSes that have a cool innovation, one of them from RAM. In the past, Android smartphone that only has 512MB RAM, now ranging from 3GB, 4GB, even 6GB is available.

But, with so many differences in RAM, the right question to ask is whether the difference in RAM affects battery life? So, a smartphone with 4GB of RAM will be more extravagant than 3GB RAM phone?

Battery 4GB RAM Smartphone More Waste Than 3GB RAM, The Period?

So, what is the right answer to the question above? You can look at some of the reasons below carefully to be able to summarize the answer.

1. The bigger the RAM then the more wasteful?
Usually, if using a heavy hardware, then it also affects more battery consumption. That way, here can be concluded that the greater the RAM, the more extravagant also the battery used. But, there is another side that contradicts this.

2. Differences in Technology
The more here, the technology is also growing. Now, whose name is RAM there is a technology called LPDDR or Low Power Double Data Rate. Well, that means RAM consumes less power to work. Therefore, it all depends on the difference technology used.

For example, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, it is clear that more wasteful battery is 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, because it still uses a lower version technology than LPDDR4 that has been optimized.

3. Use of Application
If both use the same technology, then all still depends on the use of applications on your smartphone. If on your 3GB RAM smartphone it's a lot of apps running in the background and you see stats that it's eating up RAM and you close the app, when you re-open it, obviously it's very battery consuming.

Well, a 4GB RAM smartphone that does not close apps in the background, means it will not be too use of larger battery power. Therefore, the application does not consume the battery because it was opened like the first time again.

So, if in normal use, both smartphones with 3GB or 4GB of RAM though, it will not significantly affect battery consumption. But, if you do benchmarks, then the battery consumption is more extravagant is an outdated RAM technology, such as LPDDR2.



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