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Save Memory! 5 Cool Android Games It Has Size Below 50 MB! 4.9 2358 1379

Save Memory! 5 Cool Android Games It Has Size Below 50 MB!

The complexity and quality of the graphics are okay to make the size of games on Android so bigger. In fact, memory storage on the smartphone quite limited, especially if your smartphone does not have an external memory slot.

Take it easy, you can still play cool games even though the memory on your smartphone is limited. For example, 5 Android games below that have sizes below 50 MB. Let's see more reviews of this A-Tech.

Save Memory! 5 Cool Android Games It Has Size Under 50 MB!

1. Dots: A Game About Connecting
Dots developed by Playdots. Carrying a minimalist game at once make addictive, this game is ready to make you relaxed at once challenged through various game modes provided. Call it a quick test when connecting dots with the same color, even reaching high scores with friends through Challenges mode. Measuring just 26 MB, this cool game is ready to accompany you when bored on the way or when vacation!

2. Skater Boy
Although Skater Boy is not accompanied by cool effects and uses 2D graphics, but do not you take for granted. This game offers excitement through the addictive skateboard theme, where you have to control a child playing skateboard while crossing a challenging terrain. Packed through dozens of levels of game, you are required deft when playing Skater Boy.

3. Voxel Invaders
For you fans of top down shooter genre games, you can try Voxel Invaders. The game is inspired and has a similar gameplay with the old game Space Invaders has a voxel display that is ready to entertain you in your spare time. The size is mini and certainly not make your smartphone memory runs out!

4. Ambition of the Slimes
40 MB size only, you who are fans of turn-based RPG games can install Ambition of the Slimes. Unlike other game tactics, this game presents a war strategy that requires you to rely on the action of seizing the enemy forces. No less important, this game can be played offline so that your data quota will remain durable.

5. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
Likes the cat? You who have not accomplished a pet cat can still take care of this adorable animal through the game Neko Atsume. This popular game in Japan is simple, requiring you to put food and toys at home to invite the cat to come and play. Not only that, you will be challenged to find a way to attract a rare cat to visit.

That's 5 cool Android games that you can install with sizes below 50 MB only. Which one is your favorite? If you've tried one of these games, do not forget to share your experience via the comment column!



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