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Subsidiary of Lenovo, Zuk Mobile Will Be Closed?

Shocking news comes from Lenovo, one of its subsidiaries namely Zuk Mobile is rumored to be closed and discontinued operations. Lenovo is known to be revolutionizing its mobile business strategy.

This Chinese company sells smartphones with three different names, namely Moto (Motorola), Lenovo itself, and Zuk Mobile which stood since May 2015. That is, Zuk Mobile is still about two years old.

Zuk Mobile Close Age?

Quoted from PhoneArena, this news was first revealed through a conversation on social networking in China, Weibo. Users with Weibo account, Oldcool said that there will never be ZUK 3, because the operational Zuk Mobile division will be stopped.

In that time span, Zuk has released a total of five devices, namely ZUK Z1, Z2, Z2 Pro, and the latest smartphone bezel-less ZUK Edge. This big step seems not because of financial problems, the article Zuk smartphone is relatively well received in the market, especially in their homeland.

According to market analysts in China, Pan Jiutang said, Lenovo will unite all series of smartphones in order to compete with its competitors in the Chinese market.

Lenovo has not issued an official statement related to Zuk, but certainly Zuk's ZUI smartphone interface will be embedded into Moto smartphone, but only in China. What do you think?



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