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The 10 Most Useful Gadgets Throughout Human History

The development of technology is increasingly rapid. This progress is greatly felt by almost everyone. As you know, used to have HP Android with 2GB of RAM just like already holding god class gadgets. Now, the phone already exists that embed 6GB of RAM.

On the other hand, many companies are engaged in technology to make innovations that in fact have no benefits at all. Either just a sensation or those who have a brilliant idea to the extent that it can not be accepted by human reason. If you do not believe it, just look at the gadget below.

The 10 Most Useful Gadgets Throughout Human History

1. Mouse Talk
Have a phone that can be used for the mouse as well? If you are using it as a mouse and hold the phone in? Ribet right?

2. Mouse with Digital Scale
So, this mouse will measure how hard you hold the mouse while using it with the computer. What's the point? Also not visible when used.

3. iTypeWriter
It's a typewriter with classic feel. But if so, what is the function of the touchscreen on the device? If you buy, it means you're just wasting money.

4. HAPIfork
This is a clever fork bro. So, if you use this fork, it will get information about how much food has gone into your mouth. Its function? Tell me you're full already.

5. CD Players Shoes
It may be fun if you run or walk while listening to the song. But, do not need to wear these shoes as well. Better you hear the song use the headset and plug it into HP deh.

6. Disclaimer Laptop in Stir
Really, this gadget only endanger the life of a person only. I do not know what is in the minds of the creators, but seriously this gadget deh wasted.

7. Classic Headset
The sensation of calling with a retro or classic feel is indeed exciting. But, if you use this one gadget, it seems it will only bother you. What smartphone does it look like? Make a call. The point of a headset? Make it easy. If this classic headset? Useless!

8. Portable Food Heaters
This gadget actually has a good function. But it's also useless to buy. Because, this gadget will not heat up your food as well as what is done in the microwave.

9. Useful Boxes
The only thing that can be done through the gadgets created by these technologists is when you turn the switch. Then, the button will automatically return to the off mode. Done.

10. Television Hats
Do not want to miss the news? Maybe you need to buy this television cap. But if you really buy this hat, Jaka will laugh as hard to you. Why not look at HP only, more practical.

Well, that's the 10 most useful gadgets throughout the century that until now still be a question, why it can all be created. Is one of the gadgets above that interest you? Share your opinion yes.