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The reason Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs put on that shirt-that's all

If an ordinary person like us, wear that dress-that's about everyday it's normal. Because maybe the number of our clothing collection just a little.

But what if those clothes were the only successful, important, even the richest people in the world? Surely you are wondering dong, why?

Abundant Money But Many People Successfully Wear That Dress-That Only? This is the reason!
Look at the style of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. He often appeared wearing a gray t-shirt paired with jeans. There is also the late former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is happy with a black turtleneck clothes combined with jeans. Curious? This is the reason quoted from Bright Side.

1. Reduce Unnecessary Decisions
Too many decisions, make the next decision is not maximal. There are many problems that require quick action and decisions, so why should the clothes be worn also.

Wearing the same model clothes every day will also create more mental space and better productivity. According to Mark Zuckerberg, "Reducing one frivolous decision in the morning to choose the clothes to wear, leads to better decisions on the things that really matter.

2. Reduce Time Wasted
Wearing matching clothes also makes the morning preparations easier, faster, and more efficient. Because we do not need to waste time to choose clothes to wear.

3. Reduce Stress
Matilda Kahl, an Art Director in New York, shared her experiences. Because of his busy life, he lacked time to get ready. Finally he almost always regretted wearing the clothes he chose.

But wearing the same suit, a white silk shirt and black trousers, he reduces the stress he can because of choosing clothes in the morning.

4. Reduce Wasted Energy
According to Christopher Nolan, a successful successful film producer, choosing what to wear every day will be a waste of energy. Thus his views, quoted from the New York Times Magazine.

In addition, he also argues does not require a large closet. A lot of clothes will only make him more difficult to make decisions, and require more care. Instead, she uses a capsule cupboard that makes it easier to store and retrieve clothes.

5. Being an Iconic
According to Alice Gregory, one of the writers living in New York City, a cheap and easy way to feel famous is by becoming an Iconic. He continued, a special uniform could be a way to become iconic.

That way, you will be known by your clothes. So also with your 'uniform' which will slowly become your identity.