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The Truth Information From Wikipedia in Doubt?

One of the most useful sites on the internet, Wikipedia. This site is an encyclopedia of science that anyone can access for free.

Wikipedia's extensive knowledge of information, makes a lot of people refer to or launch from this site. But apparently, there are people who ask the truth of the information on the Wikipedia site. Wow, what is it like?

The Truth Information From Wikipedia in Doubt?

Some people ask to the official Facebook account owned by Wikipedia Indonesia. They say, "Is the Wikipedia article true?". Here's Wikipedia's answer.
The Really Doubtful Reason..
After Jaka tried to go deeply, actually the doubt is Wikipedia Indonesia, not the English. Throughout Jaka's experience, it is incomplete and the information is often biased or inaccurate.

All these things, it happens because of the lack of volunteers who come from Indonesia. Wikipedia itself says, that to improve the quality of information required many volunteers who share knowledge.

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Are Referring Wikipedia Still Okay?
As you read through Wikipedia's answer above, not all the information on this site is accurate. The reason, because it has not been checked by a person who is expert in the field of information.

But even so, all the writings on Wikipedia are supported by footnotes or reliable sources. And based on Jaka's own experience of accessing this site, the information itself is almost accurate.



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