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These 5 Best Sites To Sell Images At High Prices

Photography is one type of activity that is quite loved especially by young children. Armed with high-end cameras like DSLR or high quality smartphone cameras, people can already become a photographer with good photo results.

Well, the question is what to do with these nice photos? It turns out your photo shots can also be sold to earn money. Where can you sell snapshots? Well, here are some sites that you can make a place to sell photos shots, with a decent price.

5 Best Sites To Sell Images At High Prices

1. Shutterstock
Shutterstock is a popular site that you can make the main choice as a field to find additional money from the shots. This very popular site will pay you 30% of the sale price of the photos you upload on this site.

Then downloaded by the user, of course with the condition you have the copyright to the photo you upload it and also depend on the size of your picture. The more revenue you make while using this Shutterstock service, you will also benefit in terms of increased revenue per downloaded photo.

2. Dreamstime
On this Dreamstime site you can sell your photos with a relatively high royalty price ranging from 25-50%. In addition, if you use a special contract service, you will actually get a larger royalty that is about 60%. After searching various information on the internet, I myself strongly recommend this one site other than Shutterstock, because this site is quite popular among professional photographers.

3. iStockPhoto
IStockPhoto is a site where you can sell your photos at varied prices but still very profitable. The sites most suitable for those who first sell their photos online offer 15% royalties for each downloaded photo and can increase to 45% depending on the popularity of the photo itself. You can also use a special service where the minimum royalty you receive is 25%.

4. Alamy
Alamy is an alternative site that you can make a place to sell photos of your shots besides the three popular sites before. On this site alone you can find more than 100 million photos sold in various categories of photos ranging from landscape, traveling, wildlife, concepts, culture and much more.

If you sell your shoot photos via this site, you will get 50% royalty for each photo sold. You could say royalty sharing on this one site is very fair.

5. SmugSmug Pro
SmugSmug Pro is one site that is perfect for you who want to find a great income from a photo that you upload and then downloaded online. SmugSmug Pro requires you to pay 12.5 dollars (170 thousand rupiah) for a monthly fee but at the expense of 170 thousand rupiah you can get 85% royalty from each photo you downloaded by others. You just upload photos, put a price and wait for someone to download your photos.

That's the best 5 sites to sell photos of your shots, may be useful and happy photo hunting. Make sure the photo you upload is also a good photo and quality because these sites are very selective in content quality issues.

Finally, see you later and make sure you leave a trail in the comments column and share it to your friends who love the world of photography.