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These 5 Deep Web Sites That Mimic The Most Popular Site, So Scary?

The internet is so vast, lots of information is in it. Because it is so broad, the internet is divided into two between the surface web and deep web. Where the surface web is famous as a regular internet, while the deep web is known as the terrible internet.

Although surface web and deep web are different, apparently they are similar. Do not believe? Here are 5 deep web sites that mimic or similar to most popular sites. So scary or not?

5 Deep Web Sites That Mimic Top Sites

Launched by internet user post called Testor. Between the surface web and the deep web really look two different personalities, white and black. When deep web mimics the most popular sites of surface web, what would it be like? Rather than curious, let's see!

1. The Hidden Wiki
For those of you who are students, Wikipedia sites may be a place to visit everyday. But if you go to the deep web, you can try visiting The Hidden Wiki. It's just like Wikipedia, but you should not expect knowledge information. Because the information presented on this site is quite strange and mysterious.

2. Tor Book
For you social media enthusiast especially Facebook, when you go to deep web try visit Tor Book. The look is really similar, it's just the contents of its users are completely different. Shared content is also different, ranging from strange to horrible. You should not share your selfie photos in Tor Book yes.

3. Candle
When you are confused searching for a site, then you will definitely go to Google site. Well if you are confused in the deep web, try to visit Candle. The look is just as simple as Google, but from the color you must know that this is the opposite of Google. Function itself is also the same anyway, it's just this web database search results.

4. Hidden Answer
Want to ask something on the internet, usually you go to Yahoo Answer site. If the deep web version of it, you can visit Hidden Answer. It has a similar look, it's just that the questions in Hidden Answer are all heavy. There is even a strange and terrible.

5. Mail2Tor
If you used to use Yahoo Mail to send email, in the deep web you can use the name Mail2Tor. Looks really look really, even many say Mail2Tor better because it is safe. But unfortunately, Mail2Tor email quota is not as big as Yahoo Mail. So if there is a large email, you have to delete in order to have free space.

Well actually it turns out the web is similar to surface web. But according to Jaka personally, surface web is still much more useful than deep web. Because information from the deep web tend to be weird. What do you think of yourself?



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