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These 5 Facts Of iMac Excellence From A PC That Turns Wrong!

Computers can not be separated with our life. Understandable because it is now all digital, many activities that can be done with the computer. Starting from watching TV, playing games, playing stocks, to doing the task.

Popular computers in the community today, one of them iMac. IMac does have its own advantages over PC assemblies with its Windows. But apparently, some are wrong. Want to know the benefits of iMac that turned out wrong?

5 Facts Of iMac Advantage Of PC That Incorrectly Incorrect

It's true kok, iMac certainly has advantages. This is what makes some people still buy the iMac even though the price is very expensive. But apparently, because not really understood technically there are some people who are misguided. Here among them ...

1. His name is definitely premium Apple Products
Apple product design is typical, simple and elegant. But if you talk about premium issues, actually PC assembled if you want to get out money can be much more expensive premium. Let alone the assembly, which built up just a lot kok premium quality. Like for example PC gaming MSI Aegis or Acer Predator.

2. Clear Screen Very Suitable For Designers
Many designers who choose to use Mac, even Jaka never meet people can not design if you do not use the Mac. When Jaka asked, he said that the color quality on the Mac screen is different. Hmm, Jaka think he has never seen a UP3218K Dell monitor that has a resolution of 8K, HDR features and others with the price of Rp 50 million and above.

3. Macintosh Much More Efficient From Windows
Many say that the Macintosh is always fast, even though the hardware is outdated. Whereas in Windows can be much faster again, let alone users understand how to make efficient use of RAM. It's not easy, but it can be done.

4. Macintosh is much easier to use from Windows
When it comes to ease, it is actually a habit. Even if compared according to Jaka is still much easier Windows, especially if the function. Then more people who use Windows, now sometimes the Macintosh format is like different own and even make complicated. Make your computer so difficult to connect with others.

5. iMac Must Be More Expensive From Assembled PC
Many people proudly wear the iMac, showing off Apple's logo. Though many computer assemblies are much more expensive, let alone belong to enthusiastic gamers. Both of the peripherals, the monitor up to the inside of the PC on average belongs to the gamer enthusiast is much more expensive.

Now it is proven, expensive and premium not just iMac or Apple loh. But if you want to spend the same, other goods are also the same premium. What do you think, okay Apple or PC assembly?



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