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True or False, These 6 Myths and Facts Smartphone Charging

One of the annoying routine activities for smart phone owners is 'nge-charge', likely not willing to let the smartphone idle.

This activity is actually easy, just plug and leave. However, since a long time has emerged a variety of myths when again ngecas HP. Starting from causing the smartphone is damaged, to more terrible ie explode. Want to know right or wrong?

True or False, These 6 Myths and Facts Smartphone Charging

1. Can not charge overnight
His name is also a smartphone, smart phone entertaining us this knows when to stop charging when the battery is full. So, do not hesitate to leave the smartphone when ngecas overnight, will not be "overcharging".

2. Battery Have Memory
You may have heard the suggestion to routinely consume the entire battery capacity and then fill it in full to "remember" with its original capacity. There is also a suggestion to not charge the battery before it is empty.

This myth is actually wrong because such a charging cycle does not affect battery performance. Frequent charging before it runs out will not damage it.

Memory effect alias "memory effect" was never applicable to old Ni-cad batteries, but the modern Lithium Ion battery that is currently widely used on smartphones is already the biggest of these weaknesses.

3. Do not Use Smartphones When Again Displaced
Some people say that using a smartphone while it's connected to a charger can make a smartphone explode, burn, or electrocute you. In fact, provided you use the original charger and good condition is safe.

It will not adversely affect the battery and the user. Either used or not, the smartphone battery will be loaded as it should.

4. Must Use Default Charger
Some chargers on the market have poor quality that can be dangerous for smartphones and users. But that does not mean you should not use another charger to charge the smartphone battery.

Any USB Charger can be used, as long as it is not a lame one. It's just that the performance will vary. Charger is capable of channeling the current 2 Ampere, will certainly charge the battery faster than 1 Ampere charger.

In addition, special capabilities such as fast charging in smartphones can also only be used if the smartphone is charged with the default charger.

5. Task Manager Can Make Charge Faster and Save Battery
It is said that using task manager and ending running applications will make the smartphone battery filled faster when charging and also can save battery. However, that is not true.

If you use Android in 2009, maybe yes that task manager can make Android run more smoothly. At that time, Android has not been as sophisticated as now and smartphone hardware specs are not as strong now.

Now Android OS is very smart, believe it or not you do not need to use third party task manager now.

6. Disabling WiFi Connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS Can Save Batteries
Many people assume that WiFi, Blueetooh, and GPS connectivity is like a 'vampire' that sucks smartphones battery. Turns out this is also not true, disabling connectivity also will not extend the battery life of your smartphone significantly.

Of course there will be little impact, if you use airplane mode. It's only a saving of half an hour in a span of one day.

Do not be afraid of the myths charging smartphone. It used to be yes, but now it is no longer valid. The technology used by today's smartphones is sophisticated, be it OS or hardware.

However, keep careful yes. Do not overdo this smart tool. Make sure you use a default charger or a qualified third-party charger. What do you think?



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