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You Also Ever Do It on Old Nokia Mobile

Many manufacturers of mobile phone manufacturers or familiarly called Mobile. Starting from Samsung, iPhone, to Xiaomi. But for the 90s generation down may still remember the Nokia name.

Old Nokia has a special place in the hearts of its users in the early days of its popularity, which is around the 2000s. Especially in Indonesia, there are some unique things that old-fashioned Nokia users might not do in any country, curious? Here are the unique things that any old Nokia user has done in Indonesia.

Unique Things Nokia Users Do in Indonesia

1. Diligent Gonta-replace Casing
Previously old school users Nokia 3310 series is often really mutually casing the phone body, either every month or even every week. Casing is a lot of selling in the mobile store, it is said that the casing is used to show the mood or just for style-style. But among them, the most transparent models are used. Remember right?

2. MMS
Sure deh, you must have used this feature in old school. When Emoticons have not appeared, we often use the MMS feature to transmit liver images, or flowers in the form of dots or Monchrome lines. At that time the symbols are like Emoticons that can represent feelings. So inget tempoe doloe!

3. Make your own Ring Tone
Being bored with the same ringtones, old-fashioned Nokia users must have created their own ringtones with symbols like 'C-D-D-C # -C'. Yes, the letters are a musical sign to make a ringtone. At that time the internet was not as it is now, usually to look for certain tones they use music magazines as a reference.

4. Signal Receiver / Flashing Light Flashing
Owners of old fashioned Nokia who use this accessory is already present at the time alias slang. This tool will blink flicker when there is a call or incoming sms message. In the past, almost all cellular stores sold these accessories, often the receiver's signal was called a radiation lamp.

That's the unique thing that old-fashioned Nokia users have done in Indonesia. So have you ever done the unique things above? Comment on the comment field and do not forget to share it.



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