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You Do not Need the Best Gaming Monitor! Because..

Because of the tight competition in the gaming world, a gamer needs good device support. One of them is like a monitor, with a good image display of course play games can also be more leverage.

For that reason, a gaming monitor was created. But apparently you do not really need a best gaming monitor loh. I wonder why? If you want to know the reason, let's see more!

You Do not Need the Best Gaming Monitor!

A gaming monitor, generally offering two excellent features. The first is the very high Refresh Rate and the Response Time is very low. For Refresh Rate there is 144Hz to 240Hz. As for the Response Time there are 5ms, 2ms to 1ms.

Do We Need High Refresh Rate?

The refresh rate referred to here is how many monitors flicker or change images for one second. If you use a 144Hz monitor, you also need 144FPS to be optimal. So every 1 hertz will get 1 frame.

Launch based on the results of NCIX Tech Tips trial. It turns out that average gamers generally can not distinguish between 60Hz and 120Hz, let alone up to 144Hz and 240Hz. But an enthusiastic gamer, can tell the difference.

Do We Need Low Response Time?

Response Time is meant here is the ability of each pixel on the monitor to change color from one to another. If reponse time is too high, it may result in a ghosting or unfocused effect.

Based on the ability of the human eye and the average experience of gamers, most did not experience any difference between 10 to 10 times reponse time down. You can also test your response time via the following link.

Human Response Time Test Site: Click Here


After you get the above two explanations from Jaka, return to yourself. If you're a gamer maniac, it's okay to wear a gaming monitor. But if you're just a general gamer, it's not quite fit to invest in gaming monitors.

For example to use high refresh rate feature. Like 240Hz, here you need a graphics card capable of reaching 240FPS! It could be, but instead you have to sacrifice the name of the resolution.

Or such a low response time, which was already proven most gamers do not feel any difference between the response time 10ms to below. Yet the ability of the eyes and response of human movement is also not up to that low.

That's why you do not need the best gaming monitor. How do you think about this, still want to buy a best gaming monitor?



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