Author Review Url Shortener With Dwindly.io - Earn Money With Shorten Urls With Payment Proof Rating: 4.9 /5
Review Url Shortener With Dwindly.io - Earn Money With Shorten Urls With Payment Proof 4.9 2358 1379

Review Url Shortener With Dwindly.io - Earn Money With Shorten Urls With Payment Proof

Shorten URLs and Earn Money is the slogan that appears when you open the Dwindly.io website. But the slogan is not just a mere slogan, but it really can make extra money by using the service from Dwindly.io. How can? Okay this time I will discuss thoroughly about Dwindly.io. Let's see more details about Dwindly.io Before we discuss further, you should know about Dwindly.io.

What is Dwindly.io?

Dwindly.io Homepage

Dwindly.io is an url site and shortening service that can generate extra money for your wallet. This service is free at no cost whatsoever but instead you get paid for using this service.

How it's work?

How Dwinly.io Work?

The answer to the question is quite simple. You only need to register as a member of Dwindly.io by clicking here. you start shortening your very long url with Dwindly.io and you will get an automated url generated by Dwindly.io and you only need to share url given Dwindly.io anywhere like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and other sites so url is visited by others. When you have unique visitors from the url, you will be paid!


Dwindly.io Detailed Statistic

When you login, you will be redirected to a statistics menu with a very detailed view of top browser, top coutnry, and top links complete with your financial details will be displayed there.

Is Dwindly.io Scam or Legit?

The answer to this question is one word: LEGIT. It's true I used the url shortener service from Dwindly.io not long ago, but I always get paid from Dwindly.io  (I'll give a screenshot of proof of payment below this post).

I'm still not sure about Dwindly.io

Okay let us refer to the reviews posted on the official website Dwindly.io below:

What about the payout rate?

Payout Rate

For now the highest rate is a visitor from United Kingdom that is paid $ 6.95 for 1000 unique visitors on the url that has been shortened. For other countries rate you can see more on the official site by clicking here.

How do I get paid and how much do I receive?

Payment Page

To withdraw your money, you must get a minimum of $ 5.00 to be able to withdraw payments. You can withdraw your money by using Paypal, Bitcoin or Etherium. Please set your payment on the Payment menu that appears in the left menu to get payment. As soon as you earn a minimum of $5 you can request a payment through Paypal or Ethereum. For Bitcoin payments, the minimum amount for withdrawal is $15. Payments are processed within 4 business days from the date of request.

Website Script

Dwindly.io Website Script
If you are a webmaster of a website or blogger, you can use this service called Website Script, by using this service all links on your website will automatically automatically dipendedkkan with Dwindly.io without having to login at Dwindly.io site. You can also exclude domains that will be shortened such as your own site or other domains.



In addition to the shortened url, you can also earn extra money by promoting your referral link to others to join Dwindly.io, from this feature you will get 20% of the results of people you invite to join.



Almost the same as Referral but this feature is like we play game quest on your smartphone. You will get a bonus when it has achieved the achievement of a quest on the Bonus page in Dwindly.io this is what makes Dwindly.io different from other url shortener.

For example like me, I have made my first money withdrawal of $ 5.00 and on the bonuses page the quest becomes light colored. And I have claimed the bonus and directly signed in my Dwindly.io account.

Completed missions and also claimed bonuses can not be repeated. But there you will get many missions that make so can get additional income from bonus.

Payment Proof 6 March 2018 - 26 March 2018

After we discuss Dwindly.io it is time I will provide proof that Dwindly.io actually pays us only by shortening the long url. Let's see the proof of payment Dwinly.io made to me.
Payment Proof on My Paypal Account
That's my discussion of Dwindly.io, is still not sure about Dwindly.io? Let's join now also by clicking here, register your account, and start earning money with your smartphone.

Payment Proof 20 April 2018

Payment Proof 14 May 2018


  1. Thank you for sharing, i will try, and i hope i got payment soon.
    Almaftuchin is the best site i have seen, everyday i reading and downloading from your site :D
    thank you!

    1. haha thank you aku, let's try this shortener and do not forget to share with your friends :D


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